5 Helpful Tips For A Successful Yard Sale

Have you begun your “spring” cleaning yet?  Don’t know what to do with all the junk, I mean treasures you have found around your house?  Why not have a yard sale?  Your trash might be someone elses treasure, plus why not make a few bucks to put away for a rainy day.

Here are 5 great tips for a successful yard sale brought to you by Better Homes and Garden:

1.  Pick the right date.  Consider having your sale near a common payday (the 1st or the 15th of the month).  Avoid a holiday weekend.

2.  Shop your house for items to sell.  Walk through every room and grab what you no longer need.

3.  Give yourself at least 2 weeks before the sale to pull and clean items.  Nobody want to buy dirty things, even at a bargain price.

4.  Arrange like items together.  Organize according to function:  kitchen, clothing, books, music, toys, and tools.

5.  Be an attention-grabber.  Make signs big, bold, and easy to read.  Use wording such as “HUGE sale TODAY.”  Tie balloons to your mailbox.

Lastly, need help pricing your items?  Make Goodwill (www.goodwill.org) your benchmark for fair market value.  Here’s a sample of pricing:

Lamps $4 – $12                   Golf Clubs $2 – $25

Pots & pans $1 – $3            Hardcover books $1 – $3

Board games $1                  DVDs $2 – $6

Desks $30 – $80                 Dressers $20 – $60


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