Safeguarding Everyone’s Interest

Real estate title companies are impartial service providers to everyone involved in the transaction.  From realtors and buyers to sellers and mortgage lenders, the title company does not have a personal interest in the property.  This impartially ensures that a legitimate title search is conducted and that each party involved in the transaction receives the same treatment.

A title agent’s job is to ensure that all paperwork is in order, that the people involved are who they say they are and that no money changes hands until all of necessary documents and paperwork have been signed.  This safeguards everyone’s interest in the property.  The buyer and the lender have assurance that they are purchasing a clean title and that the escrow funds do not get paid out until the property is closed and the seller has the guarantee that the buyer is committed to the property purchase.

It’s not unusual for title insurance agencies to employ notary publics and offer notarization services.  By providing notary services, title agencies can serve as all-in-one recourse for real estate transactions.  By offering notary and escrow services, which require by law impartiality by the service provider, the title agency is further defining trustworthy place to do business.

Real estate title companies play an important role in real estate transaction.  From performing title exams and handling escrow funds to providing title insurance and notary services.  So it’s important you choose a reputable company like Title Junction to handle all your real estate closing needs.


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