5 Great Tips to Boost Your Home’s Appraisal

I came across a helpful article on MSN.com brought to you by The Wall Street Journal and thought I would share it with you.  Here are the top ways to keep your home’s look, feel and condition as updated and cared-for as possible.

1. Spruce up the house. Appraisers say that you don’t need to deep-clean under couches and that a few dirty dishes won’t hurt your home’s value. But rats, cockroaches and that car you’ve been tinkering on might. “Things like overgrown landscaping, soiled carpeting, marks on walls — those do affect value and are part of the property’s overall condition rating,” said Dean Zibas, the president and chief appraiser for Zibas Appraisal in San Clemente, Calif. In other words, think broom clean, not set design for a home-decorating magazine

2. Have comps on hand. Yes, this is the appraiser’s job, but every little bit helps — especially if you are aware of a nearby property that sold without the aid of a real-estate agent, says Mark T. Smith, the owner and president of Smith Appraisal Services in St. Augustine, Fla. That can mean it wasn’t posted on the multiple listing service, and can result in other delays by the time it gets posted through other government data sources.

3. Be mindful of peeling paint. Loans insured by government agencies, such as the Federal Housing Administration or the Veterans Administration, will require peeling paint to be removed in houses built before 1978. But don’t worry too much about a child’s scrawling on his bedroom wall, unless it’s going to require a whole new paint job.

4. Focus. “Don’t spend money that won’t yield a return on the investment. The best expenditures for most markets are paint, carpet, light and plumbing fixtures,” George says. Prioritize what you do; if you’re the type of homeowner who has upgraded and fixed items as they broke, you should be fine.

5. Location still matters. If there have been changes to the neighborhood, mention them, from a new playground to a new Whole Foods. If the area has been declared a historic or landmark district, let the appraiser know.

For five more great tips please visit:   http://realestate.msn.com/10-tips-to-boost-your-homes-appraisal


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