Battle of The Sexes: America’s More Love-able Property Features

It is DEFINITELY no secret…MEN and WOMEN are, well, just wired different!

But one thing has shown this to be untrue when it comes to the battle of the sexes…it is the features of a home that motivates them to buy!

So what are the most lovable features between the sexes?

In the most recent survey done on Trulia.com, both men and women agree on which top features make them fall in love with a home, while there’s just a small difference in what they love the most!

When we asked first-time coupled home buyers “which home amenity would make you, personally, fall in love with a home?,” here were their top answers:

Amenities All Respondents Men Women
Master Bathroom 70% 64% 75%
Walk-in Closet 63% 55% 72%
Gourmet Kitchen 56% 51% 62%
Outdoor Deck 55% 51% 58%
Wood Floors 50% 46% 53%
Pre-wired for entertainment system (e.g., home theater, surround sound) 35% 42% 28%
Pool 27% 27% 26%
Hot Tub 24% 26% 22%
Other 15% 15% 15%

Both agree that the master bath, walk-in closet and gourmet kitchen are top priorities when it comes to finding their dream home. What does this mean for agents showing homes to prospective clients? Make sure to highlight key motivating features when showing homes to first-time buyers, also make sure you know what your clients favorites are ahead of time.

Last but not least, what do you think is missing from the list? What features are you finding that are making homes more love-able in your area? Let Title Junction know!


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