Happy National Chocolate Mint Day!

choc mintChocolate Mint Day celebrates anything and everything that is chocolate mint flavored. That includes mint ice cream, mint cookies, mint candies, and chocolate mint desserts such as the cupcakes. Not everyone likes chocolate mint but those who do really love it.

What is Chocolate Mint?
Mint chocolate, also known as Chocolate Mint, is a popular variety of flavored chocolate. It is created when mint flavoring, such as peppermintspearmint, or crème de menthe, is added to plain chocolate. Chocolate mint also refers to an herb, specifically a hybrid mint plant, that tastes and especially smells like a combination of mint and chocolate.
The mint flavor: The chocolate component can be milk chocolate, regular dark chocolate, or white chocolate; due to this, mint chocolate has no one specific flavor and so, each chocolate-plus-flavor combination can be unique.

The mint smell:  Depending widely on the ingredients and the process used, mint chocolate can give off a very distinctive mint fragrance.
To find some great Chocolate Mint Recipes and to read more CLICK HERE.

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