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Where Would We Be Without Them?

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We all have that one teacher that stands out to us, even decades after we sat in their classroom. It usually is the teacher that was the hardest on us, the one we went home and complained to our parents about. It is not until we are older, that we realize just how much of an impact they made in our lives.

Today is National Teacher Day, a day to celebrate those people who give of themselves to make a lasting impact on us. The ones who stay up late, not just grading our papers but worrying about why we might not be doing so well in their class right now. The ones who take the time to not just teach us about the subject at hand, but to instill wisdom into our minds and sometimes comfort into our hearts. 

Let’s let our teachers know they are more than just a name on a classroom door, they are the stepping stones to our kids futures! Thank them today and every day!


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Top 10 Popular New Year’s Eve Resolutions







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Florida And Fort Myers Notary Services Provider, Title Junction Celebrates Employee’s Anniversary

Cape Coral and Fort Myers notary and real estate title services provider, Title Junction is happy to announce the one year employment anniversary of one of the agency’s valued staff members, Stacy Wylie.

Wylie is title insurance agency’s marketing and networking representative. Having previously worked as a mortgage loan originator and manager, Wylie has vast experience in the Florida and Cape Coral real estate industry. Since joining Title Junction a year ago, Wylie has quickly become a valuable asset for the company which provides real estate title services to commercial and residential clients across the state of Florida.

“Stacy is a fantastic employee and we are very happy to have her as part of the team at Title Junction. Her marketing and networking skills have definitely given us an edge. In just one year, she has leveraged the agency’s position within the industry as a leading provider of real estate title services,” said Jennifer Ferri, owner and operator of Title Junction (

The mother of two not only handles the company’s marketing and networking needs, but in just one year has also become a certified public notary. This greatly facilitates the agency which provides Fort Myers and Cape Coral notary public services to a large number of its real estate clients. She also does courtesy closings for the company.

Based in Fort Myers, Title Junction provides real estate title services within the Fort Myers and Cape Coral area as well as the entire state of Florida.

The list of services includes:
– Escrow services, where the company acts as a neutral third party for real estate transaction
– Certified Notary public services, useful during the real estate closing process
– Witnesses for convenient ‘show up and sign’ courtesy closings
– Other services such as handling of foreclosures, sales by owners, 1031 exchanges and more

The company also has a strong focus on education (for employees, real estate agents and clients) and provides a range of documents via its website for educational purposes. Clients can also take advantage of seminars and classes offered by the agency on a regular basis.

“We are a unique company with a strong focus on personalizing real estate transactions and making the real estate process comfortable and convenient for our clients. Our employees have vast experience and a very good understanding of the real estate industry and title needs and are quick to adopt creative approaches to suit every client’s unique needs,” said Ferri.

About Title Junction:
Title Junction is a full service real estate title company serving the area of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and the entire state of Florida. The company handles a number of real estate title services for both commercial and residential properties. Employees of Title Junction can also act as a witness in courtesy closings, an escrow agent or a notary public. The company was founded in 2005

Jennifer Ferri, Owner

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